Land(sea)scaping in Bali


For most people, Bali is well recognized as tourist destination. For others whom very enjoyed pressing shutter button, Bali is playground. We can found lots of interesting spot for photography there including landscape photography. I haven’t explore many places yet, nor going to neighboring island like Nusa Penida or Nusa Ceningan, little islands in south
east Bali which acquired a lot of attention for their white sand beach, mangrove forest, and beautiful scenery throughout the island.

Even though  not having any experience went outside the main island, it doesn’t mean we can’t take a beautiful landscape pictures. Sanur beach for example, it’s adjacent to city of Denpasar, just 15 minutes toward east of the city (low traffic condition of course, Bali lately suffered from traffic jam in rush hour).

I have taken some pictures at Sanur Beach, not the best picture to explain how well this place for photographer, yet I think it well enough to show “the big picture” of Sanur Beach as a Landscape photography spot.


"Jukung" the traditional boat. low tide at sanur


floating gazebo at karang beach, accessible in low tide or by canoes in high tide


fiberglass boat to Nusa Penida


Generally, for me, any shoreline in Bali is virtually amazing. We just need to adjust ourselves to find the right time to set up our photography apparatus beside choosing a good viewpoint to compose a frame and hoping the weather not changed suddenly. When photographing sunset, I only have short time span to take photos. It because the sunset itself occur not more than 15 minutes, after that the sun completely gone under the horizon. I don’t know if that condition is the same in any other place in the world, but that’s my finding in Bali. According to that experience, before taking photos, I do some research (or maybe wasting time) on Internet to find sunset time table and ocean tide period. Oh ya, I’ve said wasting time because most of time, I just found sunset time table and ocean tide period available only for small, tiny area in southern of Bali where most of fishermen gather.

Being a part of tropical island, one threat we must consider when taking photograph is mosquito, especially when the sky goes dark. Mosquitoes can be really annoying when we are trying to compose a frame, they wandering back and forth on our ears, biting our legs, arm, face and any other place uncovered by clothes. So before you plan to take sunset photos, some packs of mosquito repellent are necessary. Small torch also come in handy. After sunset some place can be really dark due to lack of electricity in that area.


this is the place where mosquitoes going wild after sunset

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