pre wedding photosession of my friends



its December already, new year coming soon. For my friends it means new life, they will begin new adventure that they  unprecedented before. last month I’ve got message from them, they ask me if I have spare time to do photo session with them, and I said sure, why not, after that they explained the detail to me. the photo session was done in Jakarta, in quiet nice place at Gambir. I’ve never realized if there are place like that in Gambir. From the 0utside it looks like Sherlock Holmes’s Baker Street instead of photo studio.


the day photo shoot was taken I’ve had prepared my camera and other peripherals, I’ve had charged all of my batteries, except two of my AA batteries. I’ve assumed they still had fair amount of juice left. But my assumption went wrong. they run out of power, my trigger not work properly, they refuse to go hypersnyc and second curtain sync not working at all. but the show must go on, I use optical commander after all instead of radio trigger.



they are really fun to work with, even though I’ve run out ideas how to pose them time by time we doing photo shoot. they actually pose by them self, lucky me hehehe.











for this photo below, he asked me to do something that can’t I understand, my bad I’cat translate his imagination to photos, but I try my best to make it real, then this is my best approach, at least I hope it quite match with his imagination. After all Congratulations! You’ve done one of most important decision in your life 🙂


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