Sangeh Monkey Forest Balinese Prewedding


Its been a while since my last post, but finally, today I have posted some picture of my latest photography session. The event took place at sangeh monkey forest, Badung regency. As It’s name suggest this place surrounded by monkey everywhere, wild monkey to be precise. Despite surrounded by monkey, they behave nicely, as long as we not disturb them. Sangeh monkey forest (Sangeh for short) is one of monkey sanctuary in Bali. Beside the forest itself, there are temple complex inside. The forest and temple inside make a good combination for photoshoot location, why? because this place quite infamous for that purpose  hehehe….. (too lazy too descbribe why in this case, just look at convenience store at Bali streets, there are many shop like that adjacent one to another, or in very close proximity, conclusion:business is good there or that place is suitable for that business *smirk).


In this photoshoot, I combined both natural and artificial light to make the photo look more dramatic (at least for my preference). In that time the light quite soft since the weather is cloudy, fortunately, its not turned into rain until the photoshoot was done, how lucky I Am. the soft light diffused by cloud make the scene quite moody, and to make it more dramatic, i try to give nother light in this photoshoot, the artificial light from strobe.  I used single for most of time in this photoshoot. the strobe is placed inside the foldable softbox and triggered using wireless radio trigger. I used ttl pass through to control the power of the strobe, and sometimes dialing the power down a little bit if the light to strong and vice versa if the light is too dark.


The makeup and wardrobe are fabulous, I Like it! the orange color make good complement to the green color of the forest, and the gold ornament sparkling when the light fall on them. Since Sangeh is tourist object, many visitors asking the couple to make picture together. Its not really crowded that day, but we still need to waiting if the tourist passing through. If everything is all set and suddenly they walked behind the couple, we need to retake the picture, if it isnt possible, I Fixed the picture in the post processing using stamp tool.


For the last picture I tried to take the picture of the couple separately, make them comfort with themselves, and click the shutter button. For me posing couple is quite challenging than posing person individually. How to make they feel comfort together and create a good mood is matter the most to me. If only there are thumb rules for that, or maybe anyone can tell me how to do it?  Still lot things to learn to posing couple, and make memorable moment for them. I hope I can do better next time 🙂


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