Short Review of Nikon 85 1.4 D

Heavy for its dimension and it has metal barrel too, this lens rocks!


What do we expect from portrait lens with fixed focal length? Maybe some of us will say sharpness, others will say bokeh, and yes we can get both of them in the same time. The Nikon 85mm 1.4D is famous for its ability creating smooth rendition to image it takes. OK let us talk a bit about specs

Name: AF Nikkor 85 1.4D IF (AF: auto focus, 85mm focal length, widest aperture @1.4, Internal focusing mechanism)

Made in Japan

77mm filter size

Supplied with  screw in metal hood

Build quality, size and handling

Aimed for professional use, this lens mostly built by metal, a typical for classic Nikon pro lens lineup. The lens feels solid and beefy. If you care about look, the large front elements make this lens suited nicely and well balanced when mounted on medium or bigger slr camera. Aside from mostly metal construction, the AF switch is made from plastic, and it feels creepy as we turn the switch, hopefully the switch will perform better than it feels. The metal hood supplied with the lens make the lens look enormous for its already big size since it measured approximately half length of the lens.


Yes, this lens sharp at least for my liking. I bought this lens second hand, and this lens need +6 adjustment on my camera, things that not happened with my Nikon 50 1.8 g and Nikon 18-35g. Maybe this just for me, since my camera body is the troublesome Nikon d600. AF speed is fast, comparable to my Nikon 50 1.8g, maybe it can perform faster on camera body that have more powerful motor. Bokeh, did I mention bokeh before? This is the where the lens gain its reputability, the smooth, buttery bokeh, and it makes portrait looks popped out, yay!

The Bad

I found unpleasing purple chromatic aberrations on this lens. Thanks to lightroom this problem easily eliminated.


I recommend this lens for those who takes portrait for its smooth bokeh. This lens also cheaper than its successor, Nikon 85 1.4g with some consideration that the D version is lack contrast and corner to corner sharpness.

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