Tampak Tangan Tu Bagus


strobe with soft box, fired at full power 45 degree camera right

A friend of mine, Ida Bagus Alit Mahendra (Tu Bagus), is traditional make up artist that always use “Tampak Tangan Tu Bagus” phrase when he upload his work to social media. According to him, tampak tangan can be described as handcrafted, an art form that he done through mixing color pallets, jewelries, and various kind of clothes. Sometimes he make modification when making traditional Balinese wardrobe, but still rooted into authentic Balinese style.

I myself is big fan of Balinese culture, including its traditional wardrobe. Being a native Balinese and raised in Balinese culture with lots of festival, traditional ceremonies, art performance and other “adat” activities make me really blend with that custom. Sound blunt maybe, but I love my homage culture.

When I see his status on bl*ckberry that said he will make an photo assignment for his wardrobe collection, I immediately contacted him and said I would really enjoyed if can take part in his photo assignment. Sooner later he reply my messages and said that I can take part in his photo assignment. Somehow, fortunately, I can manage that photo session without any major difficulties, in other words I have difficulties on the field, but still manageable.

As photographer, we absolutely aware that any light, raging from natural and artificial source, can affected the final result of image. In that time the sunlight intensity changed so fast that make shaded area and lighted area changed rapidly. Thanks to my TTL strobe that made my day easier, but it tends to overheat, the price I should admited when firing strobe at full power in short period of time.


This photo taken near lotus pond, I wish more lotus flower blossomed at that time

Along with his friends as models, we took photograph at place called “Taman Budaya” but most people known that place as “Art Center”. When you ask kids about Taman Budaya, I can guarantee most of them wont have any thought to share, but if you ask Art Center or spell it like “absenter” like people around there,  soon they will acknowledged the place. Strange off course, the English version more popular than Bahasa Indonesia version.

We pick some spot where we can found some green accent to make the color of wardrobe appear more punchy. Some of pictures taken under banyan tree , and others near lotus pond. If only in that time the lotus flower blossomed, I can imagine the picture will be more colorful.

I shoot on one body and one lens configuration, 85mm lens to be exact. originally I planned to shoot with wide angle lens for some photos. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage it, since the place I’ve planned to shoot with that lens currently not available for photo shoot. Below photos taken with 85mm lens @f1.4, strobe 45 degrees relative to camera, aperture priority.


At the end of the day, we’ve already finished the photo session. We packed our gear, make sure that anyrything not left behind and then went home. Nice photo session for that day, and yet still lots works to do after arrived home, that works called photo sorting and editing hohoho.


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